Treatment And Prevention

Termite Prevention
One of the most progressive programs in the industry to protect homes, apartments, townhomes, condos, & commercial buildings is our Homeowner Protection Policy. After first eliminating all termite and fungi activity and correcting any conducive conditions, your home is protected under this policy which provides consistant annual inspections at an affordable price to insure against termites in the future. The program is simple and cost effective when weighed against the cost of reacting to an eventual problem. We offer programs for drywood and subterranean termites. If you see termites at any time just give us a call, we can respond within 24 hours.


Termidor is a low dose treatment with virtually no odor, that can only be applied by a Termidor Certified Professional. Termidor is a slow acting chemical that kills termites by ingestion, contact, and the "Transfer Effect", meaning that infected termites help spread Termidor throughout the colony before dying themselves. When done correctly, a Termidor treatment guarantees an elimination of subterranean termites in no longer then three months. Termidor is the #1 subterranean termiticide in the nation.

Premise is a low dose treatment that can be used for subterranean and drywood termite treatments. It has virtually no odor, it is slow acting and kills by ingestion, contact and what is called the "Domino Effect". Premise has a great residual aspect and its mammalian toxicity is relatively low compared to other products on the market.

Spot Treatment
Localized treatment or "Spot" treatment has many benefits to the homeowner. One being it is much more cost effective and convenient than fumigation. Once a complete inspection has been performed and a determination is established that the infestation is accessible for treatment, then it is possible to use localized treatment methods to exterminate the termite colony.

C-Mineral Process

The Boron Mineral Process is a process of borate treatment utilizing liquids, gels, dusts, and foam application. Borates or Boron minerals are used to treat termite and decay fungi (dry rot). Products such as Timbor, Bora-care, and Jecta can be used to treat and prevent termite and dry rot infestation and infections. We specialize in the treatment of existing and new construction treatments. Areas such as framed up construction of a new structure, attic, sub-area, exposed roof garage and large and small additions can all be treated with our Boron Mineral Process. The treatment can be applied with liquid and it fills the dry cellular structure of the wood and can greatly aid in the prevention of termites and dry rot. The Boron Mineral Process can be used with and without fumigation. The key is always to start with a proper inspection to evaluate what fits your needs, budget, and given situation.