Integrity Termite And Pest Solutions

We are a company dedicated to providing trusted service strategies that eliminate current termite and pest issues and provides pro-active solutions for pest prevention. The owner, Robert Taylor, has been a licensed industry professional for almost 25 years and a licensed operator since 1996.  As a former field representative for the largest pest control companies on the west coast he provided pest elimination services for some of the biggest names in the restaurant and commercial food industry, eventually becoming a Master Technician, supervisor and management professional creating successful pro-active service programs for these establishments. Eventually becoming an owner and steward of his own company he continued to establish himself as an innovator of service strategies that would raise the bar on the competition.  As a young company he found large property management companies and food establishments knocking on his door requesting that he create a formalized pro-active service program for their establishment as well.  Companies like Lewis Operating, Equity  Residential, Sares-Regis as well as food processors and restaurants large and small came knocking.  All of these clients, regardless of what type of establishment they ran, all wanted the same thing, to benefit from the valued experience and expertise that Robert has to offer in providing pro-active solutions for their properties. Today, Robert runs a full service company providing termite related services such as inspections, inspection for escrow, local treatments, fumigation estimates and wood repair.  Pest control related services are provided for all types of establishments such as food processors, storage facilities, apartment communities, houses, commercial office buildings, etc.  He offers services for the control of: ants, roaches, mice, rats, water-beetles, fleas, ticks, bees, wasps, spiders, bed bugs, stored product pests and bird control.  If you would like to meet the owner and talk about a service strategy that would work for you, or if you would just like some advice on ways you can protect yourself or solve a pest problem, you are welcome to call at anytime.